quarta-feira, outubro 05, 2011

[Evento] Palestra da Diretora Geral do SEI

Segue nota da Conferência Internacional de Open Source Software no Othon nesta semana. Haverá duas palestras convidadas que serão abertas à comunidade de software da Bahia. Por favor divulguem entre os seus. As palestras serão em inglês, sem tradução.

A primeira será HOJE às 17:00:

The Impact of Scale
Linda Northrop (Software Engineering Institute)

Many systems of the future will be of ultra-large size on one or many
dimensions – number of lines of code; number of people employing the
system for different purposes; amount of data stored, accessed,
manipulated, and refined; number of connections and interdependencies
among software components; number of hardware elements to which they
interface. They will be ultra-large-scale (ULS) systems. They will be
socio-technical ecosystems. Is the software community ready to tackle
ULS systems? Will incremental changes in our current software
development and management practices be sufficient?

In fact, the characteristics of ULS systems, already evident in some
of today's largest systems, imply changes in the fundamental
assumptions that underlie today's software engineering approaches. The
gaps are strategic, not tactical. Issues that are not significant at
smaller scales become significant at ultra-large scales. Our current
practices are undermined by the characteristics of ULS systems. A new
multi-disciplinary perspective and research are needed. This talk
shares the results of a year-long study on ULS systems, documented in
Ultra-Large-Scale Systems: The Software Challenge of the Future (ISBN
0-9786956-0-7), as well as recent work motivated by the study.

Linda Northrop is director of the Research, Technology, and Systems
Solution Program at the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) where she
leads the work in architecture-centric engineering, software product
lines, cyber-physical systems, systems of systems, and
ultra-large-scale systems. Linda is coauthor of the book Software
Product Lines: Practices and Patterns and led the research group on
ultra-large-scale systems that resulted in the book, Ultra-Large-Scale
Systems: The Software Challenge of the Future. Before joining the SEI,
she was associated with both the United States Air Force Academy and
the State University of New York as professor of computer science, and
with both Eastman Kodak and IBM as a software engineer. She is an SEI
Fellow and an ACM Distinguished Member.

A outra palestra é amanhã às 9:00:

From Openness to Transparency: The Role of Social Media in Open Source
James Herbsleb (Carnegie Mellon University)

James D. Herbsleb is a Professor of Computer Science at Carnegie
Mellon University. He supervises students in both the Software
Engineering and Computation, Organizations, and Society PhD programs.
His research interests focus on complex socio-technical systems, where
networks of people interact with and through technology to create and
inhabit ecosystems.

Dr. Herbsleb holds a JD and a PhD in psychology from the University of
Nebraska, and an MS in computer science from the University of